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Early Harps

Apollo’s Muse , Music of MarcAntonio Pasqualini, recorded 2014
Prelude by Louis Marchand followed by Allemande by Louis Couperin. Stony Brook University. 2009
Arkansas State University, 2016 Video by Timothy Crist
“Augellin” by Stefano Landi 2018
Obra de primer tono by Juan del Vado. Performed on a Zampieri by Rainer Thurau. Pictured is a copy of a Pere Elias Spanish Baroque Harp by Javier Reyes
“Indescorte” anonymous – from the Faenza Codex Deborah Fox – lute
From “The panther and the Rose” with Pegasus Early Music
Harp: Galilei – a double row bray harp by Rainer Thurau
Sonata di basso per Cimbalo & Arpa, o leuto – Gregorio Strozzi
Rebecca Cypess – Clavicytherium
Christa Patton – Baroque Harp


Christa with Larry Cole.

Christa and Larry play the Cornamuse du Berry and the Grand Bourbonnaise